Wednesday, November 18th


The Hammer Museum

Returning for its fourth year, the 2015 UCLA Game Art Festival will showcase the year's most cutting-edge videogames and interactive arts. The Game Art Festival will be held at the Hammer Museum courtyard and feature more than 40 playable games, tournaments, machinima and more. Come join us in a carnival-like atmosphere with food, drinks, huge projection screens, live music and a vibrant mix of celebrated games and art!

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          7:00 Music
    7:30 Introduction by Festival Director Eddo Stern with MC Lucas Near-Verbrugghe
7:40 TL;DR [the shape of the internet (Orgy)]
Theo Triantafyllidis
    8:00 Guattari Hero
John Brumley
8:20 Holla-Pain-yo
Alex Rickett, John Brumley, Steven Amrhein, Amanada Ho
    8:40 Puff
Lauren Mahon
    9:00 Cos-Mo Cap Astrodrome America
Isla Hansen
9:30 Vietnam Romance Live!
Eddo Stern with Steve Amrhein, Nick Crockett, Jessica Hutchins, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe
     10:00 Penis Paint
Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey
10:30 Music

Food Game Mess Hall

Schnapp Die WurstIsla Hansen

Schnapp Die Wurst is a suggestive and somewhat offensive traditional Bavarian birthday party game, here adapted for the 21st century.

SandswitchSofia Staab-Gulbenkian, Jules Kris, Hsinyu Lin

Sandswitch is a game about food culture, sandwich building, and theft.

One cup of juiceYuehao Jiang, Amanda Stojanov

One cup of juice is a two player game that has both a physical and mental role, requiring players to use teamwork to win the game.

la loonSymrin Chawla, Karena Chan

A savory scavenger hunt is in the sky, where ingredients float, plates pop and it just might rain cheese.

Ddook Ddak Kimbap!Tyler Stefanich, Camella Da Eun Kim, Alex Rickett

Ddook Ddak Kimbap! is a game in which two teams attempt to build a spring roll by stealing ingredients out from underneath the Dokkaebi's tentacles.



Artistic Director Eddo Stern, Professor Department of Design Media Arts; Director, UCLA Game Lab, UCLA
Production Managers Lee Tusman and Tyler Stefanich
Curators Eddo Stern, Isabelle Arvers, and Lee Tusman
UCLA Game Lab Production Team Hsin-Yu Lin, Annamaria Andrea Vitali, Hillary Cleary, Sofia Staab-Gulbenkian, Echo Theohar, Jules Kris, David Gao, Lauren Mahon, Nick Crockett, Peter Lu, Steven Amrhein, Jonathan Cecil, Alex Rickett, David O’Grady, Aliah M. Darke.
Graphic Designer Steven Amrhein
Master Of Ceremonies Lucas Near-Verbrugghe
Hammer Museum Coordinators Jim Fetterley,
Noelle Valentino,
Phon Tran
Videographer Nora Gruber