Game Art



May 8th at the hammer museum from 7pm-10:30pm

Returning for its third year, the 2013 UCLA Game Art Festival will showcase the year's most cutting-edge videogames and interactive arts. The Game Art Festival will be held at the Hammer Museum courtyard and feature more than 35 playable games, tournaments, machinima and more.

Come join us in a carnival-like atmosphere with food, drinks, huge projection screens, live music and a vibrant mix of celebrated games and art!

check out last year’s festival

event schedule

On the main stage
7:00 The Attic Bat (music) and play machinima silent
7:30 Sue/ Eddo / Richard / ulak tartish Intro (announce graf o lux and bearacracy and other attractions)
7:45 Real Women Have Hair (Board Game - live feed)
7:55 Perfect Woman (Computer Game - kinnect)
8:25 Richard Show! prt 1
8:30 Objectif (Board Game - live feed)
8:45 Fomage à trois (installation - live feed)
8:55 Pole riders - Bennett Foddy (Computer Game)
9:15 Richard Show! prt 2
9:20 Propheteers (Board Game - live feed)
9:30 Poocuzi - Mark Essen (Computer Game - special controls)
10:00 Richard Show! prt 3
10:05 Vinyl Williams (music w image)
10:30 WERE OUT !!!


Artistic Direction Eddo Stern, Associate Professor Department of Design Media Arts; Director, UCLA Game Lab, UCLA
Hammer Museum Coordinator Sue Bell Yank, Assistant Director, Academic Programs, Hammer Museum
Production Manager David Elliott
Production Team Diana Ford, Peter Lu, Nick Crockett, Aliah Magdalena Darke, Jonathan Cecil, Alex Rickett, David O’Grady, Jim Fetterley
Design Team Adeline Ducker, Angie Fu, David Elliot, Steven Amrhein
Master Of Ceremonies Richard Hofmeier
Videography Nora Gruber
A/V Coordinator Brian Springer
Supercollage A video art installation curated by the Events Committee of the Hammer Student Association, including Iris Col- burn, Moises Covarrubias, Mai Downs, Taylor Ferrari, Angie Fu, Hillary Jacobs, Keely Murphy, Michelle Nosratian, John Park, Alexandra Parker, Eva Slusser, and Lilly Thomas, with guidance from advisor Sue Bell Yank.
Thanks for Recommendations Lea Schönfelder, Matteo Bittanti, Peter Brinson, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Garnet Hertz, Paolo Pedricini, Sarah Brin, Richard Hofmeier, Jon Cates, Mubbasir Kapadia, Celia Pierce, Douglas Eric Stanley, Jim Munroe, Mark Essen
Special Thanks Professor Henri Lucas, Jim Fetterley, Samuel Vasquez, David O’Grady